Kitted Out for Summer

Passport Adventures To Malaga, Andalusia

For this years holidays we decided to leave America and venture off to pastures new in , Europe. Armed with our Laser Detector we felt we could take on the world.

We wanted a nice warm climate so we picked the southern shores of Spain!!

the sun in Spain


As you know if you read this blog I am not the luckiest of people and as we left for the airport our minibus with our , a big one in fact in the shape of a tire blow out. Now unless this happens to you Im sure you would think this is no big thing.

But let me tell you my heart was in my mouth as we swerved all over the road missing the inside lane and an overtaking car in what seemed like a second. The roads in Spain are very dangerous and there are many road signs and speed signs that are always ignored especially on the Autovia or motorway.

There are numerous speed traps along the Costa del Sol road of death the most dangerous highway in the world the A7, this is not to be confused with the AP7 which is the paid toll road which if you have the money use as its a toll road and much straighter and hardly any traffic.
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Anyway you will all be glad to know that we managed to pull over to safety into the hard lane and fixed the tire and wheel situation. We were immensely and at last with the problems behind us we can relax

The driver was ever so calm in such a horrible situation he really does need congratulating so we left him a great tip for our airport run, lol. As we got back into the vehicle we took it easy to the airport and the taxi driver explained to us that he had to pay for any blow outs out of his own pocket which we all could not believe. He also went on to tell us that he orders all of his minibus parts including new tires online now.

He explained that he no longer uses the “local” dealers preferring to grab a better deal by researching via the internet.

Like most things nowadays it seems much more convenient to order online but as always do your own research!

  It should be noted that universities in france tend to levy additional administrative charges, which are known to bring the price up considerably

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